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Celery food facts - culinaty institute BolognaAn intense aroma, few calories (20 per 100g), full of water, potassium and vitamin A: all things that go towards lightness and keeping one’s weight down.

Celery is rich in mineral salts (iron, magnesium and potassium) and antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E).

It is also rich in fibre and helps reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. The sedanina (celery) is an aromatic stimulant with other molecules that help it to be digestible absorbing gases in the digestive system.

The phtalides, in particular phytonutrients, allow control of the hormones that regulate blood pressure and help towards treatment in many cases of hypertension.

Celery can be eaten raw, fresh or as a juice (also dried) and this vegetable contrasts with the water retention thanks to its diuretic power.

In the kitchen it can be prepared fried, or used in brothsroasts or soups. Eaten raw it can be used in dips and in salads.

Dr. Francesca Michelacci
Biologist, Nutritionist and Dietitian at CIBO
Sant’Agostino Medical Center, Bologna

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