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Inspiration and creativity
guided by deep knowledge
of cuisine, art and culture

Stefano Corvucci – A passion for food runs through the veins of CIBO’s owner and chef, Stefano Corvucci and it is his infectious commitment to putting the food first – its texture, taste, aroma and seasonality – and not just the end result, that pervades his state-of-the-art cookery school.

Stefano’s journey towards founding CIBO, in 2012, has been an unusual one.

Stefano grew up in a home environment that helped ignite his passion for cooking. His father was not only a food devotee, but a great raconteur too, getting inspiration from the extraordinary cookery book of Pellegrino Artusi – written in 1881 and the first cookbook written after the Unification of Italy, a witty integration of food with history, culture, the arts, everyday life and amusing anecdotes about the experiences of Artusi.

Stefano studied Law at the University of Bologna, but that was never his destiny. After graduation he started his chef career opening his first restaurant, then 3 more till in 2012 his cooking school, CIBO –  the Culinary Institute of Bologna, was born.

Stefano’s style of tuition is eclectic and, at the same time, comprehensive. The word ‘recipe’ is almost banned at CIBO, as he is determined to teach foodies new skills, rather than focusing on a prescriptive approach that sees them leave with just the ability to cook one or two dishes. You will learn how to handle a chef’s knife at CIBO, but there will never be a knife skills course: Stefano will tell you that his granny had only one knife her entire life and still managed to turn out exquisite food! At CIBO the day starts with a trip to the market, to buy what they have on the stall that day and what is in season.

Back to the kitchen the food is gloriously displayed on the work surface, and only at this moment the chef and the students will together decide what ingredients to use, which dishes to create, which culinary techniques to use and how to present the food. A great food day starts: inspiration and creativity guided by deep knowledge of ingredients and techniques will transfer skills and indelible memories.