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The Culinary Institute of Bologna (CIBO) for foodies and advanced cooks gives you a complete set of cooking courses from three days to a full month of immersion classes.  Bologna has always been known as “the fat” for the richness of its food, and it’s rightly considered one of the most representative Italian capitals for good eating. CIBO was formerly located in the Bologna city center, and now has moved to the nearby Apennine mountains in a mid 1800’s mountain house. You can travel to Italy or take an online personal cooking class.

CIBO gives you the possibility to spend your time in enjoyable private hands-on cooking classes, to advance your knowledge and skills to prepare authentic Italian cuisine, and work with recipes that have been handed down for centuries. You’ll learn cooking techniques that will quickly transform you into a great Italian cook!

Whether you come to Italy or join online, Stefano will guide you through a memorable cooking experience, with a lot of fun, creativity and learning.

Choose your course, tell us when you want to cook, and we’ll have a great experience together!