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CIBO’s team:
and Lucia

CIBO – The Culinary Institute of Bologna for foodies and advanced cooks gives you a complete set of cooking courses covering short handmade pasta courses, half-day, one-day, multi-day till 4 weeks classes. Bologna has always been known as “the fat” for the richness of its food, and it’s rightly considered one of the most representative Italian capital for good eating. CIBO is located in Bologna city center, at short walking distance from the old Middle Market, the very food beating heart of the town.

CIBO gives you the possibility to spend your time in enjoyable hands-on cooking classes, to advance your knowledge and skills to prepare authentic Italian cuisine, working with recipes that have been handed down for centuries and learning cooking techniques that will quickly transform you into you into a great Italian cook!

Stefano, Lucia and Alessandra will guide you through a memorable cooking experience: most of the classes start with a shopping tour in Bologna Middle Market where together with the chef and according to season availability, you’ll decide the menu for the day.

After shopping you’ll be back to the school where your cooking adventure will begin: you’ll prepare an entire lunch and/or dinner of four/five courses and enjoy it accompanied by local wine. More than ten courses in a Fullday, with a lot of fun, creativity and learning.

For a real culinary vacation explore our multi-day classes: you can live a unique first hand cooking experience visiting and cooking in very exclusive and selected places: Venice, Vignola, the Romagna area, and more…

Choose your course, tell us when you want to come, all your wishes and join us for your cooking class, we’ll live a great experience together!