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Stuffed and Baked handmade Pasta classes are also available on sunday.
All classes are “hands-on”, includes handmade pasta. Morning and fullday classes include market visit. For all skill levels, conducted in English, and for most classes You decide the Menu!
Our classes are bookable 1 Day in advance, but last minute booking requests are possible emailing us at:

Pasta Courses

Stuffed Handmade Pasta Morning or Afternoon 3.5h/165€ MORE
Baked Handmade Pasta Morning or Afternoon 3.5h/165€ MORE

Bolognese Cuisine

Morning 4,5h/195€
Afternoon 4,5 h/195 €
Fullday 8h/325€


Morning 4,5h/195€
Afternoon 4,5h/195€
Fullday 8h/325€

Granny’s Cooking

Morning 4,5 h/195€
Afternoon 4,5h/195€
Fullday 8h/ 325 €
3Days 24h/925€

Balsamic Cooking

Morning 4,5h/235€ MORE
Fullday 8,5h/375€ MORE


Morning 4,5h/195€
Fullday 8,5h/375€
3Days 24h/975€

Multi-day Classes

2Days 16h/625 €
3Days 24h/925 €
5 Days 40h/from 1575
10 Days 80h/2.850€

4 Weeks Classes

Emilia Romagna Experience 160h/5.000€ MORE
Emilia Romagna Experience-Residential 160h/6.500€ MORE

Team Building & Group Classes

Morning/Afternoon 2,5 h/95€ MORE

Pro Classes

Fullday 8h/395€ MORE

7 Days with Stefano
Chef Stefano Experience

7Days Starting from 2.765€ MORE


On site consulting Fee for day 400€ MORE