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Mindful Cooking and Wellness Experience

Retreat to the peace and tranquility of the Apennine mountains on the border of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Marche and the home of chef Stefano Corvucci. You can start each day in deep meditation along the banks of the River Tevere, which begins its long journey to Rome as a small invigorating brook.


Following the meditation, you will go to the markets and focus on the day’s meals. The chef and you will engage with the local merchants in a discussion as to the origins and production of the ingredients.


You’ll return to the kitchen of the mountain retreat where you will begin the preparation of your meal. Chef will talk about how each ingredient plays its role and the historical and cultural significance of the food you will prepare. You’ll pay attention to the cuts you make, the fragrance and the sensations of each food you touch. This is the essence of mindful cooking.


While you can spend everyday cooking, the Apennine mountains afford you the ability to return to nature. Hike or bike in the woods. Picnic across from a waterfall. Take yoga classes. You can enjoy the healing waters of the spas in nearby Bagno di Romagna.


Photos courtesy of  Alberto Moretti

5 Days

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