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7 DAYs with Stefano is a special experience for foodies who want to discover Stefano’s secret food places.
The area enclosed among Emilia Romagna,Tuscany and Marche is a beautiful mountain land in the Appenines. Out of the touristic beaten routes, it’s a fascinating, cosy and very romantic area, disclosing its treasures at every corner. La Verna sanctuary, borgo San Sepolcro, Sant’Agata Feltria, Pennabilli, Mount Fumaiolo are just some of dozens of welcoming towns and villages where art is mixed with food, natural beauties and tradition, creating an intimate fascination to those visiting along.
Stefano spent a lot of time here, where his father lives and where he developed his huge passion for food: hunting in the woods in the early morning mist, fishing in the cold rivers, picking mushrooms and truffles and then back in his home kitchen to prepare tasty dishes and learn the respect for local traditional recipes and ingredients.
In these 7 days with Stefano, in addition to cooking in his school in Bologna, visiting a balsamic vinegar producer nearby Modena and a day trip to Venice, you’ll discover this secret land and places in this part of Romagna, eating in his favorite restaurants, going picnicking in the woods, cooking in the family kitchen, visiting local farmer, vineries and markets, buying salt at Saline di Cervia and enjoying sunset in the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Appollinare in Classe, near Ravenna.
The program is always tailored to the guest and decided according to the weather.


€ 2.765,00 per person
up to 2 persons 2.485,00 per person


– 7 days experience
– 7 days lodging
– 7 days lunch and dinner
– hands-on Lesson, with one’s own workstation & Burner
– English-speaking
– round-trips included chef instructors
– CIBO apron
– recipe book
– Balsabamo12 50ml – vinegar bottle
– Cervia salt bag
– EVO bottle


(€2765 each)