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The complete consulting service is organized as follow:



Chef Stefano Corvucci will come on site to your location, work with you and train you and/or your cooks/chefs in the preparation and execution of creating true, authentic Italian dishes. During these days Chef Stefano will also train you in all aspects of running a restaurant kitchen.

Complete your on site consulting with our pro-classes to our location in Bologna


Stefano Corvucci’s Fee: € 400 per day, plus travel and lodging expenses.


Are you interested?
20 minutes of telephone or Skype consultation with chef Stefano to understand if we’re your right partner to develop your restaurant business.

Answer these questions and email to After we receive your answers we will schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

1. How many seats in the restaurant
2. How long will people stay at the table.
3. how many people to be served at same time
4. Average check price
5. How many items on menu ( we suggest fixed menu 3 or for items per course and then 2 specials a day)
6. Which items do you want us to work on? Full Menu? Specific Dishes?
7. What will be the style? Formal, casual?
8. Will you be serving lunch and dinner?
9. When do you want to start?


• Operations
• Analysis / Evaluation
• Public Relations and Marketing
• Equipment and Site Selection
• Staff Relations
• Food / Menu Creation / Recipes