Cooking Class

So you want to be a chef! Pursue Your Passio For Cooking! (Includes 30 Days Lodging)

Career Change? Follow your passion for food and cooking with our intensive 160 hour "learn by doing" practical, hands-on cooking program. Work in a real Bologna restaurant kitchen with an English speaking professional chef. No lectures, no texts, just total immersion into the world of real restaurant cooking.

(€6500 each)

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This is a highly specialized professional course where, for part of your time, you will be working in a live, actual restaurant kitchen.

Perhaps you are young and have not decided what you want to do with your life. Perhaps you older an stuck in a "no nowhere" job and you go through the motions of going to a job everyday that is routine, not creative and has become just a way to make a living. Maybe your want to open your own restaurant and don't know where to start! Or maybe you are a serious foodie who wants to spend a different kind of fully organized vacation, working in a real-life, functioning, successful restaurant in Italy. Have the experience of lots of cooking, wine tastings, foodie tours of visiting the major gourmet food places, factories and stores of Emilia Romagna.

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Do you have a passion for food?...for cooking....for creating in the kitchen? Do the hours just slip by when you are following a recipe and cooking? Do you lose all track of time when you are creating and cooking?

Ok, so you want to follow your passion for food and cooking, but where do you start? Many people seek out a local or well known culinary school. Do you have three or four or six months to learn cooking theory? At culinary school, students read about food and cooking theory with some practical work. They attend lectures on theory, they take notes, and they read textbooks. But why? Why not get in the kitchen directly? Now there is a way to learn how to be a cook or ultimately a chef: go direct to the practical, hands-on, "Learn-By-Doing" CIBO methodology!

We don't have a classroom, our culinary school, restaurants and professional kitchens are your classrooms--think "kitchen - not classroom!"

CIBO is located in the culinary capital of Europe- Bologna! Chefs from all parts of the world who want to learn how to cook authentic Italian food model their dishes after the authentic Italian cuisine of the Emilia Romagna region. At CIBO "classes" are real life, real restaurant experiences; you will eat, breath and live the restaurant business! Your "class" will be limited to three people, often depending on season you may be the ONLY student and will get one to one training. It's not going to be easy; the restaurant business is considered to be one of the most stressful business in the world but those who love it say "Its not a job, it's a lifestyle!"

change your job and come to ItalyHow long is the course? Start and get immersed in this lifestyle but taking the one month, twenty day, intensive course. THIS IS A RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM! The course includes local "student" accommodations (if you desire a more plush experience we can upgrade your lodging!

Does this sound great or frightening? Relax we know how to teach, in a friendly, comfortable way! At CIBO it is not the "kitchen-nightmare" you see on TV! Of course, we want you to learn, but we realize you are in a strange environment in a new country. Don't worry you will be working side by side by an understanding, English (or Italian---even better we can teach you the language at the same time!) speaking restaurant chef and with the kitchen staff. Many who have come have made life long friends while taking this program at CIBO.

cookery classes in Bologna, ItalyBesides learning in the kitchen we will be going on many field visits. Learn how the "king" of cheeses is made - we will visit a local Parmigiano Reggiano factory and see the process from milk to aged cheese. Explore those attics of a century old balsamic vinegar (Balsamico Tradizionale) factory- this is not your "supermarket" balsamic! We will visit olive oil groves and wine vineyards. Students will go to a local countryside butcher and see how to make sausages and learn the proper way to debone a chicken or rabbit. Maybe this is not for you? Our job is to "custom-tailor" this experience to your needs.

Before you even come you will be filling out an extensive questionnaire defining what your current skills are and what you hope to learn by attending the course. Then we "Skype" with you so we can meet you and you can meet us! You talk- We Listen. Working together, we formulate a curricuzlum that will assure you total success in your future career!

Voted as one of the best cooking classes for hands on cooking lessonsAt CIBO we provide an experience of camaraderie and sharing of experiences; we hope to assist you in forming life-long professional and personal relationships that go beyond your stay at the school. At CIBO we believe that learning, sharing experiences and team working is a "life skill" and that your CIBO experience will that go way beyond learning just kitchen skills, perhaps even a "life-changing" experience.Cooking in Bologna Italy

So... are you interested? Please feel free to write to the Director of the Program, Stefano Corvucci. He owns two restaurants in Bologna and is the Chef/Owner of CIBO (Culinary Institute of Bologna) and more importantly he left his career as an attorney to follow his passion for food and cooking!

Our "hands-on" are taught by CIBO's chefs will guide you to master the timeless technique of healthy, authentic Italian cooking.

Whats does the course include:
  • 20 Days of Instruction (160 Hours)
  • 30 Days of Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners
  • Professional Chef Clothing
  • Lodging For The Month
  • CIBO Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Prepare hundreds of dishes
  • Function in a real-life restaurant
  • Create prep and order lists.
  • Understand food safety and sanitation
  • create hundreds of sauces
  • Develop knife skills
  • Dice, slice, braise, stew, poach, steam, bake, broil
  • Plan and cost multiple course menus
  • Think creatively about cross utilization of ingredients
  • Create dishes on your own
  • Pair foods with wine
  • Think outside of the box about meal preparation


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