Cooking Class

3 Days of Learning Typical Granny's Traditional Bolognese Recipes - A Tribute To Nonna

A Comprehensive THREE Day Program, To Learn To Make "Grannys Comfort Bolognese" Dishes

(€925 each)

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Unlike other CIBO courses, where you meet with the chef and decide which dishes you will be cooking, this course is aimed at teaching you how to cook, specific Bolognese, comfort foods. The chef was lucky to have two grand granny's (nonne -grandmothers) who were both great cooks and they have handed down these recipes to our Chef/Founder- Stefano Corvucci. Each weekend Stefano, would alternate visiting his two wonderful grandmothers and sit by their side as the made the typical, home-made, simple yet elegant comfort dishes. Those recipes have been handed down for generations and Stefano is proud to share them with his students.

The nonne were experts because, each grandma had a set of favorite dishes that they would make over and over again. Luckily for Stefano, the dishes of the two nonne were different from each other, so that while there were no surprises in what there was to eat, he was always guaranteed to get a great, authentic, Bolognese, home-made meal.

You will learn to make ALL of these dishes in the three days of classes:

      • Beans Soup
      • Stock Brodo
      • Bchamel Sauce
      • Chicken Cacciatora
      • Cotoletta Bolognese-Bolognese Cutlet
      • Creme Caramel
      • Crostata and Biscotti Dough
      • Friggione
      • Piadina
      • Crescentine
      • Vegetable Pie
      • Lamb Ragu
      • Meat Balls-Polpette
      • Pork Ribs and Sausages Stew Spuntature e Salsiccie in umido
      • Pork Sirloin in Milk Sauce Lombo al latte
      • Rabbit Ragu
      • Ragu Bolognese
      • Sausage Ragu
      • Bolognese Ragu di Salsiccia
      • Spinach Flan
      • Cooked fruit for pastry (Fruit Jam)
      • Tiramisu
      • Flan Pastry Custard

Hand-made Pasta (BY HAND- With 38" Rolling Pin)
    • Handmade Egg Pasta dough-Pasta Fresca
    • Tagliatelle
    • Tagliolini
    • Tortelloni
    • Tortellini
    • Pappardelle
    • Maltagliati
    • Strozzapreti
    • Strichetti (bowties)
    • Garganelli
    • Gnocchi-Potato Dumplings
    • Ravioli
    • Cappelletti
    • Rotolo (pasta roll)
    • Lasagne

You will work for three days side by side with a professional English-Speaking, Italian restaurant chef.

First you will meet at CIBO . Then we take an historical tour on route to the Bologna market area. Your English speaking, chef/guide, will inform you about the history and culture of Bologna. Before entering the market to shop, we will pause at a local cafe for cappuccino and brioche for a typical Italian breakfast. Here we will discuss and plan the day's menu.

Our schedule includes lunch, a time to relax and then dinner-- lunch and dinners include unlimited local wine ( please drink responsibly).

All classes include learning how to make hand made pasta using an authentic matterello (38 inch rolling pin) and a variety of ragus.

Email usany questions you may have for our goal is not to meet your needs but to exceed your expectations!

Enjoy learning authentic cooking techniques and have fun with market visits, and fun-filled cooking classes and best of all, each day, we will eat what we created! After lunch, relax and resume early afternoon for more hours of cooking lessons. We will be preparing both lunch and dinner and eating together.

Our Three (3) Day Program program will give you the culinary experience of your life-- great fun, great food and great wine experience to remember!

We assure you that you will learn advanced cooking skills because you will not just be taught certain recipes, but more importantly, you will learn cooking techniques that can and should be applied to all types of culinary endeavors. Our focus will be on assisting you in learning to explore the simplicity and true elegance of authentic Italian cuisine

HANDMADE PASTAS: Tagliatelle - Gnocchi-Tagliolini-Tagliolini-Pappardelle- Maltagliati-Strozzapreti- Gnocchi- Lasagne-Cannelloni- Crespelle- Tortelloni- Tortellini-Ravioli-Rotolo (Pasta Roll)-Pasticcio Di Maccheroni SAUCES:Ragu Bolognese- Sausages Ragu- Rabbit Ragu- Lamb Ragu- Lamb And Spinach Ragu- White Ragu- Bechamel STUFFINGS FOR PASTA: Ricotta & Parmigiana- Ricotta And Spinach- Potatoes- Pumpkin- Traditional Tortellini Meat Stuffing RISOTTO:Sausages- Artichokes Asparagus SOUPS: Leek And Potatoes- Onion- Black Beans (Pasta E Fagioli)- White Beans Chickpeas HOUSE PATE:Chicken Liver Pate- Rabbit Pate SALADS:Artichokes Salad Puntarelle MAIN COURSES:Veal Stew (Spezzatino)- Pork Sirloin In Milk Sauce- Rabbit With Artichokes- Lamb With Swiss Chard- Polpette- Broccoli Flan-CauliflowerFlan- Spinach Flan- Stuffed Chicken- Rabbit/Chicken Porchetta- Fennel Sformato BREAD: Pane- Panini- Stuffed Panini- Grissini- Focaccia (With Different Servings)- Pizza (With Different Seasonings) DESSERTS: Panna Cotta- Tiramisu- Zuppa Inglese- Creme Caramel- Pan Di Spagna, Tiramisu

We guarantee you will learn advance your cooking skills because you will not be just be taught recipes, but rather, you will be learning cooking techniques that will generalize to all types of dishes.

Class Includes:
  • Historical Lectures About Bolognese Food, Culture and History
  • Hands-on Lessons, Your Own Workstation & Burner
  • Professional Chef/Teachers in A Professional Kitchen
  • Unlimited Wine At lunch and Dinner (Drink Responsibly)
  • CIBO Apron
  • Wine Tastings