Cooking Class

Private Culinary Experience For People Who Would Rather Dine & Drink than Cook! (Small Groups 8-20 People)

No cooking, but a unique, dining and culinary experience. Bring your group of 8-20 people, observe a chef creating the menu you decided and then dine in a private setting at CIBO.

(€80 each)

Dinner in Bologna

Perhaps you are foodie and would love to have a hands-on cooking class; but perhaps NOT !

Perhaps you would rather enjoy a fantastic wine-paired prepared dinner by one of CIBOs' expert chefs without having to participate in a cooking class at our culinary school.

Book a private dining and learning experience for you and your friends. Your group will observe and interact with chefs preparing your meal in a professional kitchen!

The program is designed for groups of 8-20 people, so gather your friends together and enjoy a unique dining and culinary learning experience!

Basically a cooking demonstration during which guests will be encouraged to participate if they wish. Perhaps you might like to try your hand at using a 100cm rolling pin to make home-made pasta, or participate in some cooking or preparation. Whatever you decide, the chef is there to help and encourage. If you want to participate -great- if not, just relax, snack on local Salumi and Cheeses, sip your glass of wine and just enjoy watching us cooking for you and your friends!

Ow to make lasagne at CIBOSo if you do not want an intensive, hands-on cooking experience BUT rather a unique, group friendly dining and learning experience, sign up for this course!


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