Cooking Class

Stuffed Handmade Pasta: Ravioli/Tortelloni + Tagliatelle, Ragu Bolognese + 2 More Sauces

Learn To Create Ravioli/Tortelloni/Tagliatelle & 3 Sauces

(€165 each)

Make pasta by hand with a 38 inches long rolling pin: Ravioli, Tortelloni and Tagliatelle and learn to create the authentic Ragu Bolognese (+ two more sauces ) and more seasonal pasta stuffings. Veg and/or meat. The best way to learn is "hands-on"; we do not give demonstrations!

CIBOs professional pasta chefs will guide you to master the timeless technique of incorporating the egg into the flour and working the dough to the proper consistency to produce the best fresh pasta product possible.

After the dough rests, you will be guided, step by step to create your Ravioli /Tortelloni/ Tagliatelle rolling the dough using a 38'' mattarello (rolling pin-NOT a machine)

You will also learn to prepare three classic Bolognese sauces. After the cooking is done, you will savor your fresh pasta paired with your homemade sauces and CIBO will provide complimentary wine, water, espresso and dessert, for a great lunch or dinner.

The techniques learned and the skills acquired, will enable you to make many other pastas and sauces when your return home.
For any special wish about the dishes to prepare, or any food allergy or intolerance leave us a comment in the booking form.



Whats does the course include:
  • CIBO Apron
  • Unlimited Wine At lunch and Dinner- (Drink Responsibly)
  • Dinner

Perhaps you would like a more in depth experience? All half, full, and multi day classes
include making fresh pasta by hand and working with the chef you create a menu based on product availability and seasonality.

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