Cooking Class

10 Days of Cooking, Eating & Drinking in Bologna

An Intensive 10 Days Program, to Make You Into An Expert Italian Chef

(€2850 each)

An Intensive Ten (10) Day Program to Make You Into An Expert Italian Chef
2 Weeks (Monday to Friday) in Bologna- Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Factory Tour -
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You will work for 10 days side by side with a professional English-Speaking, Italian restaurant chef. You will visit a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Factory -!

(Click here for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar description-Learn Creative Balsamic Vinegar Cooking Secrets!!!)


meet at CIBO at 8:30 then take an historical tour onroute to the Bologna market area with the chef where you'll decide what toprepare in the kitchen and do the shopping at market stands.After strolling and sampling through the market and purchasing ingredients, youreturn to the school and the culinary adventure begins.

Each day you will be preparing a complete meals , one for lunch and one fordinner, including handmade pasta using a 38 inch long mattarello (rollingpin).

You will be enjoying lunch and dinner... and a little bit of relax between themorning and the afternoon session.


One day is dedicated to balsamic cooking. You'llmeet at CIBO at 8.30, go shopping to the market with the chef and back to thekitchen you will be preparing a delicious meal using Traditional BalsamicVinegar of Modena, Saba and the BALSAMOSaba sweet and sour condimentcollection as main thread. You will be enjoying lunch, a little bit of relax and at4:00 p.m. you'll leave downtown Bologna, with the chef, to travel to Vignola(Modena) and visit the vinegary La C dal Non in English the house of thegrandfather where Mariangela and her family will lead you to the discovery ofthe fascinating world of Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena aged over 12and 25 years. The tour will last 2 hours and it will unlock the secrets of theproduction of this famous vinegar. You'll walk in the ancient lofts where theproduct ages for many and many years and you'll be guided through the tastingof these amazing vinegars and if you want you can shop them.Back to Bologna you'll enjoy your dinner.

For any special wish about the dishes to prepare, or any food allergy orintolerance leave us a comment in the booking form.

What's included:

  • 9 days cooking class in a professional kitchen + 1 day balsamic cooking
  • 10 market visits and shopping with the chef
  • snacks and complete lunch and dinner everyday
  • unlimited local wine (drink responsibly)
  • English speaking chef instructors
  • hands-on lesson, with one's own workstation & burner
  • round-trip tothe balsamic vinegar factory
  • guided tour and tasting at the vinegary
  • CIBO apron
  • recipe Book