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Reviews Of Cooking Schools In Bologna, Italy in Tripadvisor report that CIBO- The Culinary Institute of Bologna ranks at the top of things to do in Bologna.

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Best Cooking Class Ever5 of 5 stars

I have attended many courses at various Culinary Institutes and the local college that has a degree program in Culinary Arts. Lucia, the chef instructor at CIBO, was wonderful. The class was for two people, perfect for true learning. I was lucky that my fellow student was also a foodie and fun to work with. Lucia agreed to take us to the market to shop for our ingredients after offering us a choice of what dishes we wanted to learn. Her English is excellent and my fellow student and I chose three pastas and four sauces. We walked to the fresh open market, selected our cheeses, meats, veggies and fruits. She showed us how to recognize real Parmigiano Reggiano  from other cheeses that are sometimes sold as the real thing. She described the ingredients in detail so we knew how to find them in the states. When we returned to CIBO, we were brought into the new, bright, professional and clean kitchen just for lessons. CIBO has two such kitchens. They also have a pasta room with large tables for rolling pasta sheets. She showed us what to do but made sure we did the actual work so we would remember it. She explained why things were done a certain way. We made everything ourselves, pastas, ragu, bolognese sauce (which is the best I have ever had) and two other sauces. We were given access to the recipes on line and left with a certificate that I will treasure as it was a wonderful memory. She is patient, very talented as a chef and fun to work with. Our lesson was to be from 8:30 to 12:30 but at 2:00 we sat down and enjoyed our dishes with some lovely red wine, she did not rush us. A very relaxing and productive lesson. I will be making lots of pasta when I return home. I highly recommend this school for a valuable lesson that is relaxing and personalized.

We had the fortune of having Stefano teach us the pasta course this past week. He made learning a breeze. He made the dishes approachable and encouraged us to make these dishes our own. I’ve made pasta in the past but nothing compares to having a pro show you the tricks and techniques for great pasta every time. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Thank you, Stefano

London, United Kingdom

Excellent, friendly, committed staff worked tirelessly to go beyond all expectations. I booked the course to get an idea of what it’s like to work in a professional kitchen and to learn the secrets of Bolognese cuisine. What I got was a bespoke service worth every penny. Thoroughly recommended to all food lovers!

This was a great introductory lesson into making pasta. Stefano is so charismatic and enthusiastic about food. I’ve made pasta on several occasions and have pretty good amateur cooking experience, so some of the instructions were a little basic, but I also picked up a ton of good tips. I definitely appreciated the advice of a true chef, and it was so memorable! One of the highlights of my trip through Europe.

Atlanta, GA

This place is amazing! It’s so much fun and the best part is you will learn how to make some of the world’s best pasta and have the ability to make it in your own kitchen when you return home. My wife and I booked an entire day at CIBO and it was the highlight of our 10 day trip. Stefano and Lucia were outstanding. When we booked our class, we submitted a long list of items we wanted to learn how to make. Stefano and Lucia taught us every last thing on our list. They are wonderful teachers. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to learn how to make great pasta, seafood, desserts, etc. and be able to make it in your own kitchen when you return home. Can’t wait to go back for more

Bar Harbor, Maine

I had spent time reviewing the various cooking courses offered in Bologna and picked CIBO as I liked the idea of going to the market and learning about the various items available. I was not disappointed. Stefano, the attorney turned chef, met us at the school along with his assistant Monica, an expert in pasta making. Speaking excellent English Stefano led us off to the market to drool over all the plentiful and colorful fruits and vegetables. He also explained about the meats and cheeses as we looked at what was available for our meal. We all sat down to a cappuccino to discuss our menu and decided on several sauces along with tagliatelle, strichetti or bow ties and tortelloni as our pasta.

Upon returning we all had our jobs in preparing the sauces and then set about making pasta. This was the first time for me and we did it all by hand, using the traditional 36″ rolling pin to roll out the pasta. I learned how easy it really is if you have the time to do so.

After we finished making the pasta we were ready to cook it all and sit down to taste the fruits of our labors along with some wine. I think everything tastes better when you make it yourself and I enjoyed learning the art of pasta making from a pro, Monica as well as learning about the different techniques and tips for making the accompanying sauces.

Stefano is quite animated and passionate about cooking and preserving traditional dishes that you cannot help but come away feeling like you carry a bit of this tradition with you along with your apron to remind you of this experience upon your return home.

Thank you Stefano and Monica for this enjoyable experience.

“Signed up for two days and stayed for another half day!”

The Culinary Institute of Bologna (CIBO) has a variety of easily scheduled classes that fit into my travel schedule. Owner Stefano Corvucci, is an attorney turned chef who owns two restaurants. His passion is sharing his love of food with students at CIBO.

The emphasis was on techniques (not recipes) such as how to salt and when to add wine to maximize flavor development.
Stefano escorted us to a local vegetable market and we found the most beautiful vegetables in the middle of winter including Tuscan artichokes and chicory.
Sara, the pastry chef, taught the desserts. She shared the two ingredients that add complexity to the panna cotta. I plan to return to CIBO!

Angels Camp, California

“A unique experience to authentic Bolognese cuisine”

We were greeted by Chef Stefano Corvucci and a super pasta chef. We were fortunate to meet Laura Rangoni, a culinary journalist and writer. We started by the ragù or sauce and then proceeded in making three kinds of pasta: the world famous tagliatelle, strozzapreti and gnocchi.We were greeted by Chef Stefano Corvucci and a super pasta chef. We were fortunate to meet Laura Rangoni, a culinary journalist and writer. We started by the ragù or sauce and then proceeded in making three kinds of pasta: the world famous tagliatelle, strozzapreti and gnocchi. Afterwards we enjoyed eating what we’ve made with the Chef Corvucci and his guests. This was truly a very enjoyable experience the chefs were good and considerate teachers full of hands-on culinary tricks and explanations wrapped in the Bolognese culture. Stongly recommended

Sutton, Canada

“The highlight of our Italian vacation!”

We arrived in Bologna and found that our class was to be held in Stefano’s restaurant. My husband and I were the only students, which was quite delightful. As we walked to the fresh markets, Stefano questioned us as to our likes and dislikes, and told us about the city and his background. We returned for class with a plethora of fresh, beautiful ingredients and some wine to accompany our soon to be feast. The class was informative and fun – making pasta the old fashioned way was worth the effort. We laughed and learned and ate well. Stefano joined us for our delicious meal. What a nice change of pace from touring the sights. I’m also glad we made the trip to Bologna – it has a different feel and was enjoyable to walk through.

Melodye L
Montgomery, Alabama

“CIBO Cooking School”

We had a wonderful day of culinary arts with CIBO. Stefano Corvacci and Giorgia Lagosti were very knowledgeable and interesting. It began at the market choosing our fresh ingredients for our two meals. We learned that simple ingredients create delicious traditional dishes. This is a very hands-on course. We learned by doing with detailed instruction for the beginner and expertas well. We feasted on soup, homemade pasta with three different sauces/ragus, salad, dessert and, of course, wine. We learned technique, history and cultural. We all loved sharing our culinary creations with our friends new and old. A memorable experience and highlight our our trip.

Lorraine P, Dallas, Texas

“Very enjoyable experience”

I was staying in Venice but decided to spend a day in Bologna and experience a bit of the food that apparently makes the city special, by means of this cooking course. It was a first time experience for us two, so we don’t know how it might compare to any other courses that may be out there, but we certainly found it very satisfying and enjoyable. We learned a lot of simple techniques where it counts, and how/where things are allowed to vary.

We did the 10:00-12:30 pasta making course. The time really flies by when you’re trying to take it all in, and it’s still amazing how much stuff you can get done in that time and it makes a very pleasant and lunch with a complimentary car

Ko O
London, United Kingdom

“When in Bologna, Cook as the Bolognans Cook.”

One of the highlights of my trip. I received one on one attention from both Giorgia Lagosti and Stefano Corvucci. They answered all my annoying questions and were very patient. Dishes were paired with local wines. If you calculate the price of a single meal and the experience gained it’s totally worth the money. Don’t cheat yourself of this experience. I only wish I had someone special to share my creations with. In addition, one of the restaurant chefs helped me with my hostel accommodations for that night.

Culinary Institute of Bologna for Foodies -CIBO- Bologna Cooking School: .
Shawna F
Eugene, Oregon, United States

“What fun!”

Taking this class was one of the highlights of our Italian vacation. We absolutely loved it! The class is conducted in the work room and kitchen of a lovely trattoria. My husband, adult son, and I participated in the hands-on morning class and earned how to make tagliatelle, gnocchi, and strozzapreti.

My husband also learned how to make ragu (Bolognese sauce). Pros: 1) 100% hands-on pasta-making experience; 2) small class size (there were only 6 students the day we took the class); 3) plenty of interaction with the instructors (Stefano, the owner and chef; Miles, his assistant who demonstrated techniques; and a professional pasta maker who also offered us wonderful advice and also demonstrated her techniques); 4) the instructors had great personalities and a lot of patience; 5) the recipes they selected were simple but delicious and are definitely able to be made once you get back home; 6) the kitchen and work area were clean, well-kept, and very pleasant; 7) copies of the recipes were sent to us by email; and 8) because the pasta that was chosen for us to make dried quickly, we got to eat our delicious culinary creations along with a glass or two or more of wine. CONS: none

SUGGESTION: Leave enough space in your luggage to buy and take home a 38″ rolling pin. It is used in the class and we have found that it is much easier to roll out the dough thin enough with it rather than using the standard size American rolling pins once you get home.
Chesapeake, VA


“Best cooking class ever taken” 

I looked at other cooking classes in Bologna but found the initial help from the CIBO staff for hotels, sights, etc…very accommodating. Also the price competitive. The class was great. Met with Stefano, the owner and head chef at Trattoria della Rosso. Learned how to make fresh tagliatelle and 3 different ragus (lamb, rabbit, and sausage). We then ate like kings with wine. Will definetly go with CIBO again.


“Amazing experience at CIBO!”

I had an amazing experience from start to finish. First of all, Marcello really went out of his way to help me schedule a half day class to fit into my extremely tight schedule while I am studying at the University of Bologna this summer. Next, Stefano, the chef, made the entire experience incredible. He is extremely knowledgeable and was really helpful in teaching me both basic and more complex cooking techniques. It was great to work one on one with such a personable and masterful chef. He was willing to cater to the recipes that I wanted rather than just sticking to a prescribed plan of his choosing. He went above and beyond to make this a great experience in every way, even staying a lot longer than the scheduled time so that I could master a number of techniques and then enjoy the meal after we were finished cooking. CIBO is a really unique and can’t miss experience if you are vising Bologna!

Bologna, Italy


“A Decision You Won’t Regret!”
Just two minutes walk from my Hotel Paradise was Stefano’s Cooking School, recommended highly by the staff at the hotel. The hotel staff made enquiries the night before for me. It was so easy!

The following morning I joined Carol who had been to the market with Stefano prior to the class to get ingredients for the sauces. I was able to watch her make the sauces while I made pasta. You do need to take a camera! Stefano was hands on in showing exactly what to do, no NZ short cuts, and suggested I practised making it again in the afternoon when I was doing the Risotto Course. I loved the banter between Stefano and Sara, who makes the beautiful desserts for the restaurant. Four of us sat down at lunch time and scoffed what we had made with a glass of wine and one of Sara’s mascarpone and chocolate desserts, so tasty. Warning – beware, it is all so delicious you just can’t eat the lot!! Don’t even try!

After a short nap back at the hotel I returned for the 3-6pm class to make Risotto. I was amazed at how little ingredients are actually needed to make these tasty dishes. I slaved away all afternoon under Stefano’s watchful eye, and practised making my pasta . It was perfect timing. I made 3 delicious/ perfect risottos, no trouble at all. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised, that when so much food is made, I could have invited my husband to come and share it. But that didn’t stop Stefano and I. I must admit that by this time I was getting pretty full, actually I didn’t eat much else for the following day except fruit salad.
This would be a great activity for a group, or as I did, just by yourself. 
I agree with the other reviewers, it was a fantastic experience and most enjoyable day.
Stefano even returned my credit card to my hotel! (I was so bemused and full of good food I left it behind.) Professional to the max. 
Thank you, Stefano


“Tagliatelle and Three Sauces Cooking Class” 

Fantastic cooking class in the heart of Bologna. Very convenient location and being located in the back of a trattoria where we could watch the preparations for the evening meal was fascinating. The class moved at a perfect pace…we were able to spend the time necessary to not only learn the skills involved in preparing pasta and the 3 sauces but also how to pull everythng together to prepare the meal. Stefano is the perfect teacher, patient and very willing to answer any question about food, the restaurant business, and life in Bologna. Our class was small which made the experience very intimate and definitely very hands on but I’m sure it would be fun with a larger group as well. The dinner that followed, which consisted of the pasta and sauces that we prepared, an antipasta, and very nice wines from the Emilia-Romagna region, was excellent and lasted well beyond the allotted time. I did the evening class from 3-6, which was perfect because it allowed time to explore the city before the class. All in all, a great experience that I highly recommend regardless of your comfort level in the kitchen. I give this class 5 circles without hesitation.



“Cooking Classes taught by Chefs!”

I attended a class with CIBO on the 24th August 2012. This was an important decision for me, I’m Australian and you don’t get to have a cooking class in Bologna everyday. I had to get it right. And I did. From my first use of the Culinary Institute of Bologna’s (CIBO’S) Website, I was impressed by the detail and large choice of cooking classes both in variety of food and also the different time options. It was easy to use and most importantly they answer emails of inquiry promptly.
I booked a half day class learning how to make Capelletti, Tortellini, Stock and Polpettone. Being a fairly confident cook I wanted to learn to make dishes I knew nothing about, and there is a good history of the region explained when you do this class. My Chef was Giorgia and as Stefano was teaching another couple we all interacted and enjoyed the morning, learning also what each other was making. We made fresh pasta and prepared it many ways.
When we finished other chefs brought us lots of courses of the food we had prepared during the morning and this we enjoyed with local wines. It was most enjoyable, and my husband who was sightseeing in the morning was invited back for the feast, which I thought was very kind.
The night before my class my husband and I ate at Stefano’s restaurant (at the same address) so I would know where to come to the next morning. The meal was very good, the staff friendly and Stefano came personally to our table when he knew that I was doing the class the following morning, to welcome us and introduce himself. Very professional.
I would highly recommend these classes and also the people, Stefano, Giorgia, and the restaurant staff all very helpful, kind, informative and passionate about food. It was something that I have wanted to do for decades and I was not disappointed. 
Be careful some classes are taught by home cooks in Bologna and if that’s what you want good, but I wanted to be instructed by professional chefs and I think that the teaching was superior.

Christine, Perth, Australia.

From: M.Finsel
Hi Stefano,  I wanted to write you a letter as soon as we got home to let you know how much we enjoyed our cooking class. It was one of the most enjoyable activities on our two-week tour of Italy. We couldn’t have been happier in choosing CIBO for our class.

We did significant research on the internet, read many reviews, and sent emails to several people before finally deciding to go with CIBO. We liked the video on the web site. In addition, the number of different classes, times length and different culinary topics were a big factor in choosing you. Thank you for making all of this available.

We wanted to reach out and let you know how great the entire class was. Everything from walking to the market and hearing the history to creating the perfect menu with fresh local ingredients was enjoyable.

The biggest and most enjoyable part of the class was our instructor Georgia. Her passion was clear in every part of the class. Jillian and I enjoyed being helped and led through making the meal. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The best part was being able to sit and talk with Georgia over our meal, her company was wonderful.

We are also excited to have access to the recipes on the web site. Let me know what information I will need to log in and view them and if we should send you our menu.

Thank you again, we are happy to have made CIBO part of our trip.

Mike and Jillian
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