Rice Tart

Milk, one quart.
Rice, seven ounces.
Sugar, five and a half ounces.
Sweet almonds, three and a half ounces.
Candied cedar, one ounce (optional but so good…)
Three whole eggs.
Five egg-yolks.
Taste of lemon zest.
A pinch of salt.

Skin the almonds and grind them with two tbsp of sugar.
Mince the candied cedar.
Cook rice in milk until quite firm, put in all the ingredients, cool down and incorporate the eggs. Put the entire mixture in a baking tray greased with butter and sprinkled with fine bread crumbs. Bake 180C (350F) until hard (30/40min), let cool and cut the tart into diamonds or cubes. When serving dust with powdered sugar.
You can flavor your tart with different candies, personally I love orange skin!

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