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The Apennine Mountains

The mountains of Tuscany, Marche and Emilia Romagna offer a rich display of nature, art, history and culinary traditions.

Photos courtesy of Foto di Alberto Moretti 

The Apennines offer thousands of recreational opportunities for families who want to spend a real vacation in contact with nature. Away from the maddening crowds, the mountains offer a fresh clean environment with plenty to do. Hiking, biking and fishing is everywhere and the spas at Bagno di Romagna are not to be missed.

Many famous artists like Michelangelo, Rafael and Piero della Francesca where born here.  Villages like Urbino and Sansepolcro have museums rich in art.

The poet Dante marched through the Apennines on his exodus from Florence to Ravenna. Along the way the sights inspired him for his poetry.

The Montefeltro family, which ruled in the area during the Middle Ages gives a region its name.  During the middle ages the area was torn between papal and imperial followers Guelphs and Ghibellines.  Today many castles and fortifications remain to be visited.

Religion of course has been important part of history.  St. Francis spent his life here and the Sanctuary at La Verna is still a stop for pilgrims.

Villages are fond of their regional cuisine. The area is well-known for white truffles, wild game cuisine, chestnuts and other typical recipes, for example zuccherini montanari (sugar cookies). The famous village of Sogliano and its unique pit cheeses has a yearly fair in November.  And while the wines of Tuscany and world renowned, the wines of Emilia-Romagna are worthy of a visit.