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Italy’s Best Bologna Cooking School for foodies, beginning and advanced cooks, who love authentic Italian food and taste

CIBO – The Culinary Institute of Bologna for Foodies offers unique, hands-on cooking classes. Taught by English speaking, professional restaurant chefs, CIBO offers short pasta courses, as well as half-day, one-day, and multi-day cooking classes for amateur cooks to professional chefs. Our classes are NOT demonstrations, but rather, participants actively take part in all phases of the food preparation.

Classes are for foodies of all cooking skill levels-beginners, advanced amateurs and we also provide special courses for culinary professionals and chefs. All classes are aimed at advancing your knowledge and skills for preparing authentic Italian cuisine.

Learn authentic Bolognese dishes from our professional chefs who are employed at local Emilia Romagna restaurants and trattorias. All classes are conducted in English (arrangements can be made for private or group classes in Italian, German or Spanish).  Work with authentic recipes that have been handed down for centuries and learn cooking techniques that will quickly transform you into you into a great Italian cook!

Choose from a multitude of cooking lessons. You may decide to take a few hours to a few days of classes.  Select from the list of our Italian cooking courses. Almost every lesson includes a lunch or dinner. Please view our unique classes; We offer a  large variety of classes, ranging from making over twenty different hand-made pastas to regional main dish and side dish specialties and desserts.

Cooking classes in Italy – Hands-on cooking lessons for people wanted a fun culinary – cookery experience in Italy

In most classes you will go to the local Bologna Middle Market and together with the chef and your group decide on the day’s menu.  Menus are not “boiler-plate” and you in a full day you might be learning ten different dishes!  Menus are based on seasonality and ingredient availability.   While you will be following somewhat of a recipe we don’t teach recipes, but rather you learn “cooking techniques and skills” that can generalize to many dishes.

At CIBO we believe that cooking in Bologna should be relaxing, enjoyable and fun. You eat what you create and our fabulous local wines accompany every meal. To us, a meal without wine is breakfast!

For a complete experience we recommend an entire day of culinary adventure, starting with a cappuccino and pastry at a fabulous bakery and pastry shop. Explore the downtown Bologna market and its fascinating local meat, produce, pastry and grocery products.  After touring the various stores and purchasing the products for the day’s class, proceed to the cooking school and begin your culinary adventure of preparing a four or five course Bolognese traditional lunch. After a short break begin again and create the dishes for your dinner.

Voted as one of the best cooking classes for hands on cooking lessons

We will happily consider all your requests for a custom cooking class and we will design a special class to accommodate you. If you have allergies or special dietary concerns we will create a class to meet your needs.. People not wishing to cook at the class can join you for lunch and dinner for a nominal charge.

If you are interested in cooking classes for children, write to us and we will plan a great class experience. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

Want to know more about the chef/owner? Here’s a transcript of a recent interview:

Q: What is your philosophy about cooking?

A: Although most of the people cook alone, I believe that cooking must be a shared experience. When I am cooking or eating with people I feel happy because it is a way of sharing everything. I am sharing my time, my experience and my knowledge and that is very gratifying. Time spent with good food and good people adds to the quality of our life.

Q: What is your favorite dish to make or eat?

A: I really don’t have a particular favorite dish to create or eat. A dish should always be made from scratch, with the freshest seasonal ingredients. It should be simple, healthy, not prepared with too many ingredients. Everybody should be able to recognize what ingredients it’s made with, or at least, most of them. Food provides comfort and enjoyment and we all should respect and consider it as a “gift.”

Q: What is your style of teaching?

A: My job is to question and then to listen. I view myself as more of a facilitator, imparting knowledge, answering questions and coming up with a plan of what to prepare for a meal but always starting from the student/cook taste and preference. Due to this,  every dish is always different as it reflects the cook’s touch. I guess this is the most important part of what I teach. My students are “guests” and they learn by doing.

I am not like many egomaniacal chefs that feel they are the artists and everyone should just WRITE down their recipes and blindly follow like sheep. No, rather in the end it is the people, the customers, the guests that determine what is good to eat.  Of course, my job is to teach skills and impart knowledge about specific ingredients and how to combine, mix or blend those ingredients into a wholesome, flavorful dish. But always starting from the people’s taste. As we say at CIBO. “We don’t teach recipes, you learn techniques!”

Q: What is the goal of your classes?

A: Our wish is to work together, have fun, learn cooking skills, breaking bread together, socialize and  sharing quality time together. The goal is for our students to leave with the knowledge that they can return home to wherever they live and duplicate what they made at the school.  When our students return home they use the techniques they learned at CIBO to adapt ingredients and can generalize what they learned to create new dishes.

Dott. Stefano Corvucci

Our hope is not to just meet your needs, but rather, we hope to exceed your expectations!

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Once the cooking is done, relax and enjoy your meal with your fellow cooks. Wine is included at every meal- a meal without wine is breakfast!. You will receive all the recipes and be presented with your diploma at the conclusion of the classes