Stefano Corvucci

A passion for food runs through the veins of CIBO’s owner and chef, Stefano Corvucci and it is his infectious commitment to putting the food first – its texture, taste, aroma and seasonality – and not just the end result, that pervades his state-of-the-art cookery school.

Stefano’s journey towards founding Bologna’s best-equipped cookery school facility, CIBO, in 2012, has been an unusual one. Born in Forlì – a town 50km south of Bologna – Stefano grew up in a home environment that helped ignite his passion for cooking. His father was not only a food devotee, but a great racconteur too. As he cooked, he created food theatre with his words and tales – perhaps about foraging for mushrooms and herbs or hunting for game – but, all the while, engrossing the young Stefano.

As important, was the fact that Stefano’s father would read from the extraordinary cookery book of Pellegrino Artusi – written in 1881 and the first cookbook written after the Unification of Italy. This is not just a book of 790 recipes from all around Italy and the first definition of Italian cuisine, but a witty integration of food with history, culture, the arts, everyday life and amusing anecdotes about the experiences of Artusi – a man who would have been described as another ‘foodie’ from Forlì, had that word existed in his time.

Lucia Bezzi

Bologna is a spiritual home for those who have a passion for food in their soul, which is probably what brought Rimini-born Lucia Bezzi to Bologna in 2001, though the reason, at the time, was to study for her degree in Economics.

Lucia is an economist, by virtue of her qualification, but an epicurean by nature, having spent long and happy hours watching her grandmother making a wide variety of dishes in her home kitchen, and learning the tricks every good Italian cook should know, when she was just a child.

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