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Hire a personal chef who will cook for you next culinary or teamwork activity for your business or in your home worldwide

Chef Stefano Corvucci is available to cook for you at your next culinary event,  Often he is hired to work in your villa in Tuscany or other parts of Italy or directly in your home any where in the world. Chef Stefano will provide cooking classes are unique, in that they can be customized to your group or individual. You will be instructed by a current Bologna restaurant owner and chef in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Stefano Corvucci is the chef/owner of Trattoria Del Rosso and the founder of the Culinary Institute of Bologna (CIBO for short). He has  worked with  “foodies” from all parts of the world and have taught them how to prepare authentic Emilia Romagna  and other Italian cuisine, all in an informative, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

His goal is “NOT to teach recipes but for you to learn culinary techniques!

Chef Stefano will provide you or your group with more than just food preparation lessons. As a graduate of Bologna’s school of Law , Chef Stefano hopes to provide you with an educational culinary cultural experience and adventure.

Team building for you or your business, cooking classes for team building activities in Tuscany or worldwide team-building activities in Italy Stefano creates  an intimate connection to his students and conveys his love for the wonderful town of Bologna; its way of life, history and tastes. Stefano became a chef not just for a job (he has a degree in Law from the ancient University of Bologna.) but rather to follow his passion for the culinary arts. He believes that his love for Bologna, the art of food preparation and my understanding of world cultures all assure a rich and exciting experience for those who attend our classes. If you come to Bologna we will begin the day’s adventure early in the morning by meeting in a local café. There you will enjoy complimentary cappuccino and brioche. I will outline the day’s menu and then we will visit your local market.  If we are in your home we ask you to come to the market and help in the selection of the ingredients for the days’ meals. In the morning we will make regional pasta by hand using the authentic, “handed down”, “Mattarello” (rolling pin). Each participant will make his/her own dish of pasta. My classes ARE NOT DEMONSTRATIONS but rather true hands-on experiences!

Bologna Cooking School - Hands on cooking lessons in Bologna ItalyNext, we will have lunch, eating the pastas we made accompanied by our local wines. In the afternoon we will begin the preparations for the evening’s meal. This meal will include an antipasti, salad, main dish, side dishes and dessert and of course, more regional wines! If you have any particular dishes you would like to prepare or any culinary techniques you would like to learn please write to us. We will try our best to incorporate those requests into our program. We can also cook seafood recipes as your taste may desire. Please do not hesitate to respond and tell me about your specific requests. If you have a food allergy or a particular request, please tell us and we will design a program to fit your individual needs. As in all Chef Stefanos’ restaurants, he does not have customers, he prefers to think of the people he serves as  his guests. His goal is not merely to meet your needs but rather to exceed your expectations. Chef Stefano looks forward to meeting you and sharing his knowledge and love of Italian food.

Email: info@cookingclassesinbologna.comPhone:  39 051 056 6087 – Address: Via Augusto Righi 30B – Bologna, Italy 40126

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