Why take cooking classes in Italy?

Why take cooking classes in Italy?  Cooking Classes Bologna Cooking School

For those of you who want to take a cooking class in Italy and why they should consider taking cooking classes! Maybe you are new to culinary tourism, or  want to learn more about “food tourism” – one of the most important global trends!!!

Are you a foodie?

Have you ever visited a country just for food? How important is the food during your travels? Do you plan your day having to know wherenyounwull be having each of your meals?  If you are a foodie, you will love CIBO…..the Culinary Institute of BOlogna for Foodies.

Some tips when attending a cooking class in Italy and why we know you will love the CIBO program.

1- Look for a school that is using authentic regional recipes- CIBO is proud to be using the chef and his family’s time test authentic, handed-down, original recipes.

2-  Select a school that has professional chefs as instructors. Ask about their training.  CIBO’s staff is composed of chefs, all of who have worked in restaurants in Italy or in other progressional eatery environments.

3- Ask where the classes will be held. Is it in a professional kitchen or in someone’s home; who inspects the facility for sanitary conditions (having cooking classes in your home and charging for them is illegal in Italy.  CIBO is conducted at various locations, Bologna, Venice and Ravenna. In all cases you will be working with professionals in a professional, clean and inspected area.

4- Ask: are meals from a pre-set menu or can you create your own menu based on seasonality and availability of food products?  If you are taking a half or full day course your chef/instructor will be working with you to design and execute a fantastic lunch and/or dinner menu bases of product availability and seasonality.

5- Do recipes reflect the region? ABSOLUTELY!!!

6- What is the mood of the class?  Strictly professional or fun, eat drink and be merry atmosphere?  CIBO is serious about teaching and imparting knowledge to its participants but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!  Having unlimited wine helps to create the a really fun place to work and learn!

7- Can you bring your kids to a class? Yes. above 12 and accompanied by an adult

8- How long is the class? It various from a few hours, a half day a full day up to a full week of culinary adventure.

9- Will you eat what you create? – ABSOLUTELY!

10- What is the chef’s orientation?  Heavy, complex cooking or light flavorful healthy preparation?  Simple good healthy food is our goal and passion

11- What will the course cover? Discover some culinary secrets of your restaurant Chef? ABSOLUTElY

12- Will you Learn to think like an Italian Chef? How can you learn to make good food substitutions when products are not available in your home country or location – ABSOLUTELY.